About Us

About Us

A tangle within, a tangle without, people are entangled in a tangle.
Gotama, I ask you this: who can untangle this tangle?

A month after I turned 50, I quit my job. I said goodbye to a decent salary with a future untold. The poet Mary Oliver reminds us that “something brighter than money moves through our blood,” and I had sensed its pull. The pull to renew, to find new shores.

It was time to paraphrase Oliver, to be my “place in the family of things”? What is yours?

Are you fully in the family, the flow of things? Or is your life a complicated tangle? I am on a journey to untangle my tangle of my life. To discover the one-hearted, one-love, fully-in-it life that we’ve all experienced or glimpsed. That life where our tangles fall apart and we find ourselves finally free in a place to stand and creates anew. Join me. Let’s untangle the tangle together.

It’s also my privilege to serve you as a coach, a guide, a champion to untangle the tangle of your life, to be fully transformed and self-expressed; to live joyfully. Find out more here.

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